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NightHawk Iconic Cornhole Edition – Set of 4 Cornhole bags

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NightHawk Iconic Cornhole Edition – Set of 4 Cornhole bags


We are proud to support Iconic Cornhole. Here is a little about what they stand for:

"Iconic Cornhole was founded by Drew Baker in January of 2023, the idea for this company stemmed from his love for cornhole and the community it brings together. Drew truly had a love for life and all he knew he could achieve. He wanted Iconic Cornhole to be a well known apparel brand amongst the cornhole community, known for the love of the game as well as the camaraderie that comes with it. After his passing in October of 2023 two of his close friends Cote and Brett decided to keep Drew’s dreams alive and take over Iconic Cornhole.

We choose to believe being Iconic means making connections that stand out, supporting each other no matter what, keeping the game fun, to remember why we all started playing in the first place and supplying good quality apparel for everyone in the cornhole family. Come see what we’re all about, and join the Iconic Family. See you on the boards."

SEVA Cornhole NightHawk: The New Hybrid Carpet Bag!

  • On the slow side, the NightHawk features a new and exclusive "hybrid carpet" material. Offering a perfect 5.5-speed rating. This new hybrid carpet provides just the right amount of resistance for those strategic shots, but quick enough to slide straight into the hole.
  • Flip the NightHawk over to the fast side, and you'll experience a thrilling 9-speed material that takes your gameplay to a whole new level. This material has the perfect speed to push bags up that board and collect bags around the hole!
  • What sets the NightHawk apart from all the other hybrid carpet bags is the new NightHawk hybrid carpet.  This material is a game changer, offering consistent speeds in any condition.  The hole friendliness is unmatched, you will be watching these bags slip, slide, and fall in the hole all game long.
  • Filled with our Tri-Blend resin mix. Developed exclusively by SEVA Cornhole, this resin blend provides the perfect balance of control and hand-feel, allowing for unmatched precision in roll, cut, and flop shots.  The Tri-Blend resin mix is the most hole-friendly blend SEVA Cornhole has ever developed!
  • The NightHawk is a medium-full feeling bag, ensuring you have the perfect grip and control for every throw.
  • This bag is engineered to find the hole with ease, providing a smooth and controlled glide that caters to all playing styles and conditions.
  • Upgrade your game, choose the SEVA Cornhole NightHawk, and leave all the other hybrid carpet bags in the dust. Precision, style, and innovation– it's all in the NightHawk!
  • Pro Break-In *

    Pro Break-in with Reign Cornhole Juiced + $15.00

    Would you like us to pre-condition your bags, so they are ready to throw the moment you get them? We use Reign Cornhole Juiced to condition your bags. Juiced gets the bags game ready and leaves no residue or lingering smell on the bags. Please allow an additional 1-3 business days for shipping for us to complete the break-in process.

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SEVA is one of the most professional cornhole suppliers that I have ever worked with. Quick turnaround, responsive, and great quality boards. The g…
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Chesapeake, VA
Professional ACL quality boards, direct print with your logo.
Eric B.
Chesapeake, VA
Awesome products!  Take your game to the next level!
Steve P.
Virginia Beach, VA
Love the bags!  Great selection!  High quality